Iñigo Gómara

Iñigo Gómara

Postdoctoral Researcher


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e-mail: i.gomara@ucm.es
Phone: +34913944513

Academic background
Doctor in Physics (Univ. Complutense Madrid)
Masters degree in Geophysics and Meteorology (Univ. Complutense Madrid)
Advanced studies diploma in Meteorology (University of Salamanca)
Degree in Physics (University of Salamanca)

Current professional status 
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research project
PREFACE (Enhancing prediction of Tropical Atlantic climate and its impacts). EU/FP7 2007-2003, grant nr. 603521

Research topics/interests
- Climate variability: extratropical cyclones/extreme events
- Eddie/mean flow interactions
- Deep convection/gravity waves
- Statistical and dynamical downscaling of European Windstorms
- West African Monsoon Dynamics and Variability

PhD Supervisors 
Dr. María Belén Rodríguez de Fonseca (UCM, IGEO)
Dr. Pablo Zurita Gotor (UCM, IGEO)
Dr. Joaquim G. Pinto (Univ. Reading - Univ. Cologne)